ACC Management Group, Inc.


There are over 100,000 apartments built each year with the use of Low income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC). Over the years, the LIHTC program and other affordable housing programs have become increasingly competitive, and as a result, complex. Most developments with an affordable housing component have multiple layers of financing, each with associated requirements. This includes varying regulations, reporting, and oversight requirements for Section 42 LIHTC, Project Based Section 8, AHP, HOME, and Rural Development. It also includes new components such as preferences, new set asides, RAD and more. Adhering to program requirements during the first year, and each subsequent year during the regulatory period is essential to any successful affordable housing real estate development.

ACC Management Group has established a long history of extraordinary program compliance proven by superior ratings with state and federal agencies, such as WHEDA, IHDA, and HUD. ACC’s experienced team of compliance professionals will assist you through the initial stages of your development and the entire regulatory period for your property. When partnered with ACC, your financing applications will be stronger and your investment will be more secure.